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Welcome to The Hills

Not your Boring Outpatient Center

The Hills Outpatient Center

Outpatient Treatment

The Hills’ Outpatient Program’s primary focus is on relapse prevention, medication compliance, family therapy and stress reduction under the supervision of qualified clinicians, therapists, counselors and group facilitators.   To ensure maximum results, our clients continue to consult one-on-one with our staff members and facilitators, as well as gaining support from their peers in our Intensive Outpatient Program who are also working to maintain their sobriety.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is designed to further help our clients develop problem-solving skills and improve coping mechanisms as they transit back into the “outside world”.  It helps them identify and manage “triggers” while teaching them how to recognize and triumph over day-to-day stressors.  Clients are expected to participate in support groups a minimum of three hours per day, three days a week, with a maximum of six days per week.

The more time our clients spend in our Outpatient Program, the more it strengthens their recovery and improves their chances of avoiding relapse and obtaining long-term sobriety.

For those seeking a higher level of care such as detoxification or a residential setting for treatment, please visit The Hills Treatment Center for more information.
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Sober Living

Sober living facilities offer the same support and commitment to sobriety that residential treatment does, but in a less intensely-structured environment than inpatient treatment does.

These sober living facilities offer comfortable amenities, a welcoming home atmosphere and a supportive staff. The Hills recommends these featured sober livings because of their reputation, rule system and superior support.

The Hills Extended Care and Recommended Sober Livings include many of the same amenities offered in our Inpatient treatment program:

– Beautifully decorated private and semi-private rooms
– Regular and random drug testing
– Immediate access to members with long-term sobriety
– A clean and well-maintained living environment
– Nutritious snacks
– Centrally located private estate, just minutes away from world-class restaurants, shopping, and gyms
– Satellite television and wireless access
– Weekly house meetings with peers and house manager

For individuals who may or may not have completed residential treatment and wish to build upon their recovery experience, The Hills Treatment Center’s recommended sober livings offer a safe, stable living environment that promotes sober lifestyles, healthy friendships, and a firm foundation of support in recovery.

Our recommended sober living facilities are operated separately from The Hills, however they are also available to individuals who have already completed a residential program elsewhere, or are considering enrolling in our Outpatient program. Sober Living provides a structured, safe and sober environment to return home to at night, enhancing your experience in early recovery.