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Welcome to The Hills

Not your Boring Outpatient Center

Insurance Verification

The Hills Outpatient Center works with many different insurance carriers to cover the cost of treatment. Simply fill out the form below, and our admissions representative can pre-verify your insurance benefits information.

Your personal information is confidential and will never be shared with any 3rd parties or outside vendors. You can also have our admissions team verify benefits by phone, by calling 1-866-490-7827

Please Note: HMO’s, MediCare, MediCal, Medicaid and Kaiser will not cover. Clients are to be held responsible for any co-pay or deductible required by your insurance company. Many insurance plans have in-and out-of network co-pays, deductible and/or co-insurance that may not be fully determined until the claim has been paid. Participating providers CANNOT waive or discount co-pay, deductible and/or co-insurance. We require a credit card on the day of admittance that we will keep in our files to cover your out-of-pocket costs, if they apply.

Click to Verify Now